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Torrey has worked on a variety of patches for the Linux kernel, as well as other free software projects.

You can get more information and source code here.

Torrey's Thesis

Torrey's MSc. thesis in theoretical computer science can be downloaded or distributed for research and fair use purposes.

Cache Scheduling: Abstract

"The Cache Scheduling problem is to find an optimal permutation of processes in a computer system to minimize the number of cache misses. This increases the effectiveness of cache memory and improves system performance. We define this problem, evaluate its complexity, and consider algorithms to solve it. Cache Scheduling generalizes known problems such as Pathwidth and Gate Matrix Layout. We show that a generalization of Pathwidth, which we call Almost Pathwidth, is a special case of Cache Scheduling and is a graph problem that is closed under taking graph minors. We give a dynamic programming algorithm to solve the general Cache Scheduling problem."

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About Arnor

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